NTHP Test Preparation

Course Outline

Shortlisted candidates will be called for MCQS test, based on Matriculation & HSSC-I curriculum of English Grammar & Composition and Mathematics. Based on Performance of test & other criteria, candidates will be further shortlisted for Panel Interview.

Suggested topics mentioned in the syllabus are for guidance purpose, but the test is not necessarily limited to these;

Mathematics English

-Sets and Number Systems

-Factorization, Exponents and Expressions

-Equations and Inequalities

-Algebraic representation, Sentences & manipulation

-Quadratic Equations

-Decimal Fractions and Percentages

-Ratio, proportion, rate and variations

-Sequences and Series

-Matrices and Determinants

-Roots and Rules of Logarithms

-Plane, solid and coordinate Geometry

-Permutation, Combination and Probability


-Functions, Graphs and transformation of graphs

-Word problems (Age, coin, work and mixture problems)

- Vocabulary

- Sentence correction & sentence Completion

- Error Identification

- Reading comprehension & Cloze Passages

- Grammatical concepts

- Tenses and Modal verbs

- Verbs, Articles and Prepositions

- Subject-verb agreement,

- Use correct sentence modifiers, such as adjectives, adjective clauses, adverbs, adverb clauses etc.

- Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and clauses

- Punctuations

Test Pattern

Test pattern will be MCQS of English and Mathematics Subject.

Sample Past Papers

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