Frequently Ask Questions

1. When do I apply?
An advertisement will be placed in the leading newspapers on December 30, 2018. Students can apply through an online application form. Those who are unable to fill-up the online application form can download the application form from our website and send it back by February 7, 2019 to the 'Director, the IBA National Talent Hunt Program', IBA Main Campus, Karachi

2. What is the duration of the Orientation Program?
The Duration of the Orientation Program is two months from June - July 2019

3. Who can Apply?
Following students are eligible to apply in the NTHP Program 2019:

Students who have secured 70% or above marks in HSSC-I examinations conducted by the Board of Intermediate Education of Pakistan in the year 2018 and will be appearing for HSSC Level-II examinations in the year 2019.
Students who have secured 70% or above marks in HSSC-II examinations conducted by the Board of Intermediate Education of Pakistan in the year 2018.
4 - How to Apply

Following are two ways to apply into the NTHP program. You may apply through any one of method as per your convenience;

1.Online Method (Preferable and strongly suggested method)

Students who meet the below mentioned criteria are eligible to apply in the National Talent Hunt Program by filling the Online Application form available on our website i.e.

2. Manual Form submission

Those who are unable to fill-up the online application form can download the Application Form and send it back by February 07, 2019 to the 'Director, the IBA National Talent Hunt Program', IBA Main Campus, university Road, Karachi

5. What documents are required to apply for the National Talent Hunt Program 2019?
The following documents are supposed to attach with the application form:

1) Copies of CNIC of parents, guardians, other employed family member(s)
2)  Salary slip / Income certificate (or Pension slip) of all earning family members *
3)  Copy of current month's household utility bills - electricity, gas, telephone, water
4)  Applicant & Father domicile certificates.
5)  Educational documents (Matric and HSSC I or II) [ Marksheets, certificates]
6) Copy of CNIC/ Form B of Applicant 
7) Bank statements of self and all employed family members for all active account

* Note: An income certificate is the document that shows monthly/annual income. If your parents/guardian is salaried, an original copy of a pay slip should be attached, otherwise if your parents/guardian owns a business they should submit Bank Statement for the last six months. If parents/guardian does not fall in either of the above two categories (that is salaried employee or business man) they should submit an undertaking on a stamp paper/affidavit (of Rs.100) stating their income and with relevant details.

6. Is IBA's National Talent Hunt Program a Scholarship Program?
Those selected on merit and offered admission into BBA, BS (Accounting & Finance), BS (Social Sciences & Liberal Arts), BS (Computer Sciences) and BS (Economics & Mathematics) degree programs will be considered for up to 100 % scholarship/arrangements of Qarz-e-Hasna against tuition fees & other facilities depending upon the need assessment of the student for the mentioned 4-year degree programs on the recommendation of IBA - Financial Aid Committee. Summer semester is not covered in IBA-IT NTHP.

7. Who can apply for this National Talent Hunt Program 2019?
Only those students who can establish their eligibility as above mentioned criteria & genuinely deserving candidates.

8. I belong to rural area of my province, am I eligible?
Preference will be given to students from the rural areas of Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa & FATA, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir who are unable to apply for IBA due to financial constraints.

9. What is the procedure of selection?

- Selection Process
Selection Process

10. By when will the Interviews be scheduled?
Students who clear the Assessment Test will have to fill the financial assistance form and submit (by courier) to THP office. Based on financial assessment shortlisted students will be informed about the time, date and venue of the Panel Interview.

11. Can students of General Science group apply in the National Talent Hunt Program 2019?
Yes. Students of all discipline can apply for the NTHP Program 2018. However, when applying for the IBA's entrance test, discipline matter. In IBA, there are six main disciplines BBA, BS(AF), BS(EM), BS(CS), BS(Economics) and BS(SSLA). For BBA, BS(Accounting & Finance), BS(Social Sciences & Liberal Arts), BS(Economics) program, students belonging to any group may apply but for BS(Computer Science) and BS(Economics & Mathematics) programs only students associated with Pre-Engineering or General Science (Mathematics) group can apply for the entrance test. For more details, refer the 'Program Announcement 2018-19 and visit the Admission Policies & Procedure Policies (page no. 35)

12. Which subjects should I study to be able to get through the Assessment test of NTHP Program 2019?
You should mainly focus on matric and HSSC-I level Mathematics and English to appear in the assessment test if shortlisted.

13. Which books should I prefer for the entrance test of IBA?
You can study SAT - I (For BBA Entrance Test) or SAT - II (For BS Entrance test). Refer the following books

14. Will there be a separate IBA entrance test for NTHP Program students?
No, students of NTHP Program will give test with other applicants who come from all over Pakistan. It is a purely a merit-cum-need based program and there are no seats on Quota basis.

15. What is the criterion of short listing students for the NTHP Program?
All of the applicants of the NTHP Program are short listed on the merit-cum-need basis.

16. What subjects would be taught in NTHP Program?
We give training to the selected students in the following subjects which is based on two month:

17. In which campus of IBA, The NTHP Orientation classes would be held?
The Classes will be held at the IBA Main Campus from June-July 2019.

18. Who will fund the NTHP Program?
IBA-Ihsan Trust National Talent Hunt Program is a joint venture between IBA Karachi & IHSAN TRUST with the objective to select and prepare the deserving students from all the provinces of Pakistan for the IBA aptitude test 2019. For donor's list please refer the link:

19. I have been selected and attended training last year i.e. 2018 after my HSSC Level-I examination but could not secured admission in IBA after appearing in the BBA/BS tests, Can I apply again for this year i.e. for Batch 2019 on the basis of HSSC Level-II examination results?
Those who have been selected and attended the training program last year i.e. in 2018 but couldn't secured admission into IBA for the BBA/BS program will not be provided same opportunity of training and scholarship again in 2019. However, we suggest candidate may appear for the IBA aptitude Test as a regular candidate and apply for financial aid scholarship as per IBA rules and procedure.