Success Stories

Toto - BS- Computer Sciences (Batch 2017)


“STHP" this single word contains a whole dreamland in it.

It is an opportunity for the people like me, who without any financial support can never afford a study & stay in a prestigious institute like IBA.

During the two months THP session, I was introduced to the new realities; my priorities changed. In short, this training polished me thoroughly, and I was able to choose the right career path.

Coming to IBA was just like a dream to me, and now STHP provided the path to fulfill my dreams and to carve my destiny with my own hands. I especially want to thank CDP-GoS for providing me a priceless opportunity. I am grateful to Ma'am Zeenat Ismail and the whole THP team for giving other fellows and me such an excellent opportunity to study for an entire degree program at IBA Karachi.

Muhammad Uzair - BBA (Batch 2017)

Muhammad Uzair

Started my training on 2nd of June as a rookie never knowing how would I comply myself with the demands and needs to get myself admitted in esteemed institute like IBA but by the hardworking and benevolent efforts of THP department and all my teachers now Alhamdulillah I have secured admission at IBA for BBA. A sincere thanks to THP, all my mentors and all faculty teachers here at IBA who helped me through this journey.

Muhammad Najeed - BS- Economics & Mathematics (Batch 2017)


There is one thing that most parents around the world have in common, it’s that they all want their child to become a part of an elite institution. My parents also dreamed that. It is very hard for them to make me the part of a prestigious institution because I am not the only one. STHP gave me the way to become a part of IBA. STHP provided me the fully funded training program by which I groomed my English, maths & communication skills. The training really helped me a lot. I feel proud to become a part of this podium.

I am thankful to the IBA, CDP Government of Sindh & THP staff for providing me such a platform. I am also thankful to all Faculty members & mentors for spending their time on us.

Mahrukh Fatima - BBA (Batch 2017)


Losing my father at the age of nine led me to the biggest test of my life; However, I was fortunate enough to have the ever strengthening support of my family, guidance from my instructors and most importantly -blessings from Almighty.

“Success will be within your reach only when you start reaching out for it” (Stephen Richards)

Getting into the most prestigious business school across the country was a dream for me but I knew it was not a child’s play either. The Talent Hunt Program of IBA -a platform which provides training as well as the scholarship to the talented students turned out to be a ray of hope for me and helped me drive my dreams to reality and beyond. I am now admitted to the BBA program of IBA. I would like to thank my THP family, sponsors and my family for backing me to reach this milestone. And the dream continues.

Aqib Hussain Shah - BS Computer Sciences (Batch 2017)


I have been chasing my dream of getting the leadership in future. When I came to IBA Karachi, I realized that I must be victorious at making my dream pragmatic because training at IBA not only focused on academics but it is a complete package of grooming which will surely help me to secure my career goals make my dreams come true.

IBA Karachi is the only institute that will lead me to reach the pinnacles of my success.

“Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences”.

If I can dream it, I can do it. I developed this self-confidence during the orientation at IBA & I feel privileged to be part of IBA-CDP STHP and IBA Karachi.

Saba Channa – BS-II (Batch 2010 )

Saba Channa

After the training and the meticulous process of IBA aptitude test, I was selected as a student of IBA. It was great sense of pride for me to be selected among the 50 talented STHP candidates. It was challenging at beginning but I put my heart and soul and with the grace of Allah I come up with good grades in my first year at IBA, which was eventually tough and thorough. Now I feel like sky is the limit for me. I sincerely thank my sponsor, Sindh government; IBA Dean and Director, Dr Ishrat Husain and the Coordinator, for providing me a platform where I could build my successive future career. read more

Sojharo Mangi – BS-II (Batch 2010)

Sojharo Mangi

I am thankful to IBA's Sindh Talent Hunt Program for they sent me offer letter and opted me for two months training for the preparation of entrance test of IBA. After two months hard work and true guidance and support from the teachers of IBA I got into BS (CS) in IBA as a scholarship holder of STHP. I got the highest marks in my first semester, 3.69. I also got in Dean's List. I am thankful to the Coordinator and her team who always guided me. I have a wish to help Pakistani languages to grow in the field of IT. And I hope I will learn a lot in BS program of IBA and will be able to serve Pakistani languages. read more

Qulzam Banbhan – BBA-III (Batch 2010)


"STHP proved to be a life-changing experience to me. To be a part of IBA is more like a dream to me and STHP turns it into a reality. Currently I am pursing my studies at IBA. In short, STHP proved to be very beneficial for my future career development and I wish that STHP keeps working with the same par. I would also like to thank the Dean & Director – Dr. Ishrat Husain, Coordinator and their team for their utmost contribution, effort and sincere dedication to the program."

Samreen Khan – BBA –V (Batch 2009)


Experience of spending two months in a hostel for the first time, with the people around working for the same goal is unforgettable. At the same time, fear of arduousness of the test was all that preoccupied me during my days of NTHP. In this journey of learning and plenty of experiences, I got to know how the influence of others affects your confidence and expectation. It is easier to live with diverse people in terms of work but when you know that each one around you is aiming at the same thing, it gets your motivation go down with each passing day as you find yourself under intense peer pressure. Those who rise in such circumstances are the real fighters. And I am proud of being amongst such fighters. We were fifty above people and with a lot of hard work, only 3 of them got to get admission in IBA. Out of them by the grace of God I was the only girl who got selected.

Shahzad Ali – BS-II (Batch 2010)


After result announced, I felt immense pleasure that IBA Karachi offered me scholarship under SINDH TALENT HUNT program. Later I joined IBA's two months training for the preparation of entrance test of IBA, in those two months me put-up my all efforts and with great guidance of IBA teachers, I finally got into BS (computer science) in IBA on scholarship basis. I am very thankful to Madam Zeenat Ismail and Sir Rizwan Bukhari as they always lead us to the right.

Sarchina Kumari STHP - 2010

Sarchina Kumari

In 2010, Sarchina kumari, was one of the top 10 position holders of BISE Hyderabad, to be invited in Sindh Talent Hunt

Program of IBA. As High-flier as she was back in her town, so was she during her Journey at IBA.

God gifted is a very small word to describe an intermediate background holder's efforts for preserving her name on the Dean's list of IBA, amidst top O&A Level students. Where an average student of the class would spend 5 hours of the day on something, Sarchina would spend rather 10 to comprehend just the fundamentals of it. What seemed almost impossible to her in beginning, gradually started becoming her routine and she started defining that trait as a major part of her personality. Sarchina, who once was a struggler, is now well known as a Go-Getter!

Where many people were seeing her graduating from IBA with distinction as a "Happy Ending", Sarchina, on the other hand, was already found busy in making even better beginnings. In short span of time, with no surprises, Sarchina ended up being a significant part of the very renowned company, ICI Pakistan Limited. A degree with distinction from one of renowned institutes of Pakistan, a well-earned job at one of the renowned organizations; Sarchina had that all, which 90% people of interior Sindh would just dream of, at her age.

It seemed like Sarchina's dreams are still finding their ways to come true. One of those dreams is being chased by her today, i.e., her Master's Degree as a Fulbright Scholar in Loyola University Chicago, USA.

Sarchina's words about IBA Talent Hunt Programs, IBA Karachi;

"STHP was just the beginning of my dream; my dream will be completed the day when all other people like me would be hunted from less privileged areas across Pakistan and would be given the opportunity to nurture their talent on this platform of IBA."

Talent Hunt Program team wish Sarchina a very best of luck for chasing her dreams today and the ones to be chased in future.

Rabia Basri Komal- BBA 2016 NTHP 2016, IBA

Rabia Basri Komal

My name is Rabia Basri Komal. I am from Mirpurkhas, Sindh. I started my education from Fauji Foundation School, Mirpurkhas. As I belong to a very poor family and a tribe named "Chandio", everyone from my relatives warned my father not to educate daughters. My father was an Airmen in Pakistan Air Force, so he shifted us from Mirpurkhas to Karachi to educate us. I completed my matriculation and intermediate from Fazaia Inter College Malir, Karachi and scored A+ grade in both. My father retired from PAF while I was in Matric though, it became very difficult for me and my siblings to carry on studies.

"Success is not final, Failure is not fatal : It is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill

At that time I wasn't able to think about anything but by the unquestioning support of my father I carried on. The day I received NTHP letter was a turning point of my life. It was just like a miracle. Now I am doing BBA from IBA and life at IBA is just amazing. Now I can see my dream come true only because of ALLAH ALMIGHTY and National Talent Hunt Program and I would like to thank NTHP and the whole NTHP family for their unconditional support and guidance.

Ahmed Raza, BS(Accounting & Finance), Fall 2013


"Acquiring higher education was always my goal and IBA is an institute where the path to such a goal is illuminated. But finance was a big problem in my way and NTHP served this purpose very well. The preparation classes were conducted by such qualifies teachers that despite of a very short teaching period I was able to clear the admission test with pretty good marks. Thanks IBA for providing me such an opportunity!

Imran Nasir, BS(Eco & Maths), Fall 2013


"This journey to IBA seemed almost impossible especially in my circumstances but from the very beginning I have believe that "Losers have reasons to loose and winners have reasons to win". A loser uses to see difficulty in every opportunity whereas a winner uses to see opportunity in every difficulty. In general hard work in right direction provided with dedication, persistence, perseverance became the secret of my success, glazed with self-belief and enveloped with prayers of my parents, teachers and my friends.

Asra Saeed, BS(CS), Fall 2013


"My experience as an IBA's National Talent Hunt Program Student has been phenomenal. I'm really Gratified to Almighty and thank IBA Dean and Director, Dr. Ishrat Husain and the Coordinator for not only giving me the opportunity to prove myself but also making me believe in myself , telling me that nothing is impossible in this world if only we crave to accomplish it . The journey was never easy for any of us but the result was fruitful and now it is because of all the mentors and teachers ,who were always ready to help us in every possible way, that I'm enrolled in IBA for the BS(CS) program successfully .This scholarship program beyond any doubt lead me to my dream.

Muhammad Uzair Adamjee, BS(CS), Fall 2013

M. Uzair

"To me, my success began on that day when I was selected for NTHP. During training, my friend said after my one minute speech in my presentation classes "You were looking very confident". I was very much happy after hearing this. I was not getting good marks in my tests but I didn't lose my hope. I work hard and got admission in IBA. This program gives me a platform to recognize my capabilities. I am thankful to IBA for organizing such a program (NTHP) where every student gets the chance to fulfill their dreams. I am feeling very proud to be a part of this program.

Rija Arsalan Adhami, BS(Accounting & Finance), Fall 2013


"I am one of the students who dreamt about being a part of the most prestigious institute i.e. The IBA. Fortunately, I got this bright opportunity in the form of IBA's NTHP in 2013, which provided excellent academic knowledge along with 100% scholarship. Since, I belong to a family, for which the fee expense of IBA is unbearable. Therefore, NTHP proved to be an amazing helping hand. The brilliant faculty of NTHP proved to be a phenomenal guidance in evaluating my within potential and remarkably groomed my personality. Finally, I got my way in IBA as a BS(Accounting & Finance) student by burning the candles at both end. For this achievement of mine, I am grateful to the Dean and Director Dr. Ishrat Husain, the pioneer of NTHP. In a nutshell IBA's NTHP proved to be the key to the lock of my dream coming true!"

Mir Yahya Ismail Memon, BBA, Batch 2007


"NTHP program provides a uniquely amazing opportunity to all IBA-aspirants to fulfill their dreams irrespective of their background. Pre-admission classes on campus, accommodation at hostels, and field trips over the course of program provide a true picture of a typical life at IBA. NTHP provided me with a privilege to study at the most dynamic and exciting business school of Pakistan. It opened doors to a completely new and challenging world for me. During these four years, I have been tested, challenged and pushed to limits. Rest all said, this institution instilled self-confidence, patience and encouraged me to be myself.

I have cleared the highly sophisticated Energy Risk Professional Exam conducted by GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals, USA) in 2012. Along with this, I am also CFA level –II student. Recently I was selected by the World Energy Council (WEC) to participate in the upcoming FUTURE ENERGY LEADERS' PROGRAMME program to be held in Daegu, Korea (Rep. of) from October 13-17, 2013. I am working with the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) since January 2012."

Akash Ahmed Soomro, BBA, Batch 2004


"Getting selected in the NTHP developed the required focus, passion and ambition in me to be successful at the global stage. I have been able to maintain the same focus till this day, and it has helped me achieve many successes in my professional career. The NTHP provides you access to the best faculty and the best students in Pakistan. This network helps you in many ways during your professional life. The faculty remains an important source of information about recent developments in the academic fields, whereas the network of IBA students provides you exposure and knowledge of a variety of industries."

Hira Jawaid, BBA, Batch 2005


"My experience at IBA has fostered my love and dedication for the quest of knowledge and has provided me the necessary tools to pursue my goals of knowledge and excellence. In order to further polish my abilities and enhance my capabilities, once again, I would thank and congratulate IBA for initiating a wonderful program like National Talent Hunt. It should be continued for all times to come, as it provides a life-turning opportunity for many students like me. Having benefited from this program, I feel truly indebted to NTHP, for which I would gladly provide any needed cooperation for its promotion and enhancement."

Noorulain Arif, BS(CS), Batch 2005


"NTHP has been a very pleasant experience for me. It gave me a platform where I could prove myself and further enhance my skills and knowledge. I value the learning experience and respect all my teachers for their guidance and support. I feel extremely proud that I am part of the National Talent Hunt Program. I consider myself lucky and honored to be associated with such a great program that shaped my whole career."

Sameen Fatima, BS(CS), Batch 2005


"The Program is designed to train the students from all over Pakistan. It helped me a lot to learn how to work in a team, compete positively and more importantly, manage time and stress. The impact was remarkable as I was able to get into IBA where I not only got nurtured academically but morally and professionally too. It gave me chance to be part of the best institute in Pakistan. And I feel very proud to be part of it."

Jahanzaib Riaz, BBA, Batch 2007


"Education from a government college combined with lack of financial resources, seemed to be insurmountable barriers when I thought of applying to IBA. The problem of financial resources was resolved when IBA sought applications for the National Talent Hunt Program. Still, the challenge for me was my strongly-held belief in my incompetence to survive at IBA. I had drawn all the comparisons between me and a typical IBA student, and found myself inferior in terms of communication skills, academic knowledge and confidence. The only asset I had was determination."

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