The orientation training will be conducted by selected IBA faculty members and other trainers from the outside who have demonstrated proven ability in their respective fields.

The courses that will be taught during the orientation program are;


Each trainee will be attached with a mentor who will teach, counsel, & coach selected candidate during orientation about professional, personal and all other matters.

Accommodation for Boys

The IBA provider residential facilities for out-of-town students. The hostel is spread over and area of 1.75 acres with lush green lawns and is a short walk from the Main Campus.

The hostel provides many facilities to its residents: it is equipped with an indoor table tennis room. Students use the TV Lounge, which is equipped with a big screen television and a satellite decoder, to socialize and to play indoor games.

Accommodation for Girls

Accommodation arrangements for female students have been made at IBA Girls hostel


Mess facility is available at Boys & girls hostel where KPKTHP students are served meals three times a day.


The IBA has its own fleet of buses which are being used for KPKTHP students for pick and drop from hostel to campus.


Monthly stipend Rs. 4000/- will be paid to all the deserving candidates to meet their personal expenses.

IT Facilities

ICT department is to bring state of the Art Technology in to IBA, provide essential services and promote automation and meet the end user's requirements of all communication that includes Internet, Email, Distance Learning (Video Conferencing), Unified Communications (VoIP) etc. including;

Seven general purpose computing labs are fully functional at both campuses, with state of the art PCs and peripherals, three labs have been upgraded with Core i5 and Core i7 based computers.

More than 250 Mbps of internet providing wireless connectivity to provide local network and internet connectivity to mobile users at campus and boys/girls Hostels.

Career Counselling

The scope and purpose of KPKTHP training is not being restricted to the selection to IBA only but to provide competitive training and Regular career counseling sessions are being conducted by mentors for the guidance to the trainees to encourage students for higher education.


Classrooms are fully furnished with IT facilities, cool environment and comfortable seating for the students.


Libraries at both the Campuses have been reconstructed and remodeled to provide a stimulating learning environment. The physical library spaces and facilities have been designed keeping the contemporary learning styles, which cater to the needs of 21st century learners, in mind. Some of the featured learning spaces are: collaborative learning spaces, individual study and learning spaces, multimedia learning spaces, research nooks, laptop friendly desks, leisure study and library coffee shop as extended collaborative learning space.

Teaching Material

Faculty & Mentors use various good sources during their teaching and training of students and all such material in the form of selected chapters, books, notes, slides is being provided to trainees free of cost in hard and soft copy.


The Main Campus is the venue of a sprawling student center, complete with gymnasiums for male and female students, a large cafeteria, an event hall, indoor courts, outdoor sports field for cricket and football, tennis courts, a volley ball court, a basketball court, a jogging track.

Writing Centre - Ardeshir Cowasjee Centre for Writing

The ability to write effectively is one of the key markers of academic and professional success. Effective writing indicates clear thinking, the ability to assimilate and synthesize complex material, and an appreciation for nuance and differing points-of-view. Given that reading and writing are interdependent activities, good writing also indicates an ability to read complexly a necessary skill for students entering the increasingly competitive 21st century workplace. To this end a center for excellence in writing was inaugurated at IBA in November 2013.

The writing center will help students improve their writing skills, it will also serve all faculty members by helping them design and sequence writing and research assignments, devise strategies for evaluating and responding to student writing, and develop effective techniques for working with multilingual students.

The center has been dedicated to the memory of one of Pakistan's most-renowned columnists, social activists, and philanthropists, late Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee

Corporate visits

Corporate visits will be arrange for students to see the workings, insights and culture of corporate sector and have opportunity to meet the leading people in every sector.

City tour

Students will experience the Karachi by one day city tour which will include visit to;

Concluding Dinner

A dinner out will be arranged for all the students.

Skills workshops

Different soft skills workshops are being arranged time to time for KPKTHP students for their self-development, grooming and personal effectiveness. Workshops includes;