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Arifa Abdul Aziz - BS(EM) - Fall 2016

Arifa Abdul Aziz

Getting higher education at Pakistan's premier business institute is always a dream for anyone like me, hailing from an underprivileged area of the country. My family always supported my education until intermediate but this dream became insurmountable for me when I found my family unable to afford my education at IBA. This is where BTHP proved a phenomenal help by calling us for orientation program which was conducted by highly qualified IBA faculty members as well as trainers from outside for the duration of about 40 days. This greatly helped us prepare for IBA entrance test as well as interview and group discussion. Upon getting into IBA, BTHP offered a fully funded scholarship, bearing all my tuition, hostel accommodation as well as mess expenses along with a monthly stipend during four years degree program.

BTHP has been a pleasant experience for me so far as it has given me a platform to prove myself and now that I am a part of IBA-BTHP, I believe that no dream is unachievable until one has the asset of determination coupled with hard work.

Muhammad Hamza - BS(CS) - Fall 2016

Muhammad Hamza

"What it feels like to be deprived of fundamental human rights? You are all alone and independent. Your educational background isn't extraordinarily strong, maybe not even weakly strong. All the time which should have been used to learn and enjoy is wasted, just like that. Still, there shines a ray of hope."-Anonymous.

I am Muhammad Hamza. Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan, is my hometown.

I had my primary education from different schools of interior Baluchistan. In 2009 my father died, I moved to my aunt's place. I cleared my Inter exams in 2015, with not so outstanding marks. It wasn't difficult to clear aptitude tests of different universities only to find out that no one can support me financially for my higher education. I came to know about THP program in 2016; that was after wasting one year. I knew this is for me; I had to avail this opportunity, no matter what. It was the only hope I had, which helped me realize that it is never too late, it is never THE END. I worked hard after that and was able to secure a place in IBA family.

Today I am proud of being an IBAian, one of the prestigious institutes of Pakistan, thanks to Allah Almighty, those who helped me in difficult times and the team THP.

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